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Your Cheerleader to your Goals.

I've been coaching dog owners all around the world since January 2018. I've been training dogs and understanding how they think, learn, progress, grow and be motivated since I was 12 years old. 

This all sorted when my parents decided to rehome a dog that I LOVED beyond love, it broke me. And not long after, every we dog had since seemed 'cursed' with either aggression, over-excitability, separation anxiety, a risk taking recall or pulled like a train. 

So my mission is help every dog owner understand their pup inside out and then give them the personalised tools and strategies to achieve their DREAM goal with their dog.

Find out more about my story in the video below, and i would LOVE to hear yours ! Drop me a comment with a little bit about you, your dog and what your up to <3


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Falmouth, Cornwall

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