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Dog Trainer - Coach - Psychologist - Your Cheerleader & Mentor!

Praise and Paw Dog Training, Dog Trainer in Falmouth, Cornwall, Behaviourist in Falmouth

Hi, my name is Kayleigh Stangroom,

I’m a big hearted dog trainer and help passionate dog owners teach their dogs to focus and listen to them, so they have well behaved pets and enjoyable, stress free lives together.

I've been guiding, educating and coaching dog owners all around the world since January 2018 how to connect with their dogs using kind, scientific methods and positive philosophies that are easy to follow, fun to train and make an instant impact.

My mission is a two-part.

I want owners to feel confident and excited walking their dog, to know their dog inside and out, to have the ability to go anywhere with their dog KNOWING they will be listen, behave and want to do everything their owners ask, not because they are discipline but because they LOVE training with their owner.

Part Two, I hate the thought of dogs sitting in kennels because the person didn’t know what to do, which was happened to my family when I was 12 years old.  It was a painful experience. Which is why I work with local charity centres to also increase rehoming rates through my bespoke training programs.

My methods and trainings are based on three things:

1. Trust    2. Choice  3. Enjoyment

My clients are amazed by harnessing these skills in training, how FAST their dog wants to work with them, or chooses them over other things- it’s incredible!

I learnt through my experience of working and training with seals, rhinos, parrots and even rabbits, how vital these 3 things are if you want the animal in front of you to listen and choose the task you want them too.

Then I applied my knowledge of dogs with these three elements, and it was very clear that this was the ‘secret sauce’ to unlocking my dogs true potential and best-behaved self!

Every day I relentlessly choose to make a difference to people and dogs’ lives through my programs, classes, and free events.

In 2020, I helped over 3500 people and their dogs, with recall, socialisation and helping teenager dogs socialise despite being in lockdown.

If you work with me, I guarantee you will be supported, guided, heard and show the exact blueprint to your dog’s training best-behaved self.


About Praise and Paw Dog Training

Praise and Paw is a Dog Training Academy based in Falmouth, Cornwall, offer training classes that teaches and trains dog owners around the world where owners learn how to tap into their dog’s mind and train their dog to be relaxed, focused and enjoyable to walk.

Set up by Kayleigh Stangroom in Falmouth, clients feel amazed how easy training is when they understand their dog, including how easy training can be when you teach skills. Kayleigh’s clients are proud of their dogs for how they’ve transformed and now get to enjoy a new stress-free life together.

Kayleigh specialises in teaching a reliable recall and guiding reactive challenger teenagers to be calm, relaxed and focused. Kayleigh is proud to have helped 3500 dog owners learn how to teach dog to come back when called and be calm around other dogs, and owners can feel confident walking their dog with ease.


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