Here to Assist

What are your fees?

The investment for all levels of our programs and training really depend on what you and your dog need, everything is personalised and tailored to you, your dog and your personal situation.  You deserve the BEST plan not just a cookie cutter method.

What is coaching?

LOVE this question! A dog trainer is a person who is skilled in training dogs for a task, goal or  desired outcome. A behaviourist, who studies a dogs behaviour and creates a strong detailed plan of instructions - usually delivered in a PDF. 

As a COACH, I am all of these things and MORE. As your coach, I am there with you every step of the way, from creating plan, to teaching your dog and teaching YOU how to become your dogs trainer. When you have a problem, I am there to solve it with you. If you feel stuck, I am there to lift you out. I stand for your results and goals ALL the way even if you think they are impossible. Thats coaching. *MIC Drop* 

Can I book an 121 session?

Of course! Head to CONTACT and book yourself a FREE consultation with myself where we can discuss the plan of action for you and your pup.