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COVID-19: Lockdown Puppies: Where do we go from here?

Updated: Jun 14

Excited Puppy, How To Stop Jumping Up

This is a question that has appeared in my inbox and communities a LOT recently, and rightly so! I have been avoiding speaking into for a few weeks as the word lockdown has become some sort of trigger word, however, it is SO important and I care more about people being heard than the backlash of using the word lockdown.


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How were puppies affected during lockdown?

For CENTURIES (up until COVID) dog owners would take their puppies to puppy classes to socialise them with other dogs, people and depending on the class, they would learn some life skills too. However, when COVID striked, restrictions meant that dog training businesses all closed doors, I believe there was stat that stated only 50% of dog training facilities starting teaching virtually. This meant that for months, puppies were not able to soak in the fundamental learning they require between the ages of 8 and 16 weeks. Classes stopped for the first time in HISTORY." I want to mention here that this was not the only impact had on the puppies, in my experiences of working with lots of lockdown puppies is that it had an impact on their owners. Here’s why… When puppies haven’t required the