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How to Teach Your Dog to Relax at Café (No more headaches, fuss or worrying whilst you eat your cake

How many times have you said to yourself, ‘it would be SO nice to visit a café with Fido …BUT” The big but. (Just as a pre-warning, there will be no singing as we continue – apologies to all my fellow Donkey Shrek Fans 😉 )

The biggest but I hear is ‘but, it’s just too stressful’

Followed by…

“but they will bark at other dogs to go say hi”

“but they doesn’t sit still and jumps up at people” “but they gets so tangled in his lead, it’s a nightmare to sit and enjoy a coffee’ “but they just don’t understand how to be relaxed”

But look – there is a WAY. The truth is dogs are incredible creatures that can literally learn ANYTHING, even how to detect cancer!

But, they need to know how, and that’s what I am inviting you to come learn with me today SO for the first time… Get ready to put your BUT to the side and discover how to teach your dog to relax at a café in 4 easy steps. Excited? Me too. Now, listen. The training I am going to share with you is not only going make visiting a café a piece of cake, it will also teach your dog to physically relax – a bit like Yoga for us humans, which you can take and use anywhere, so no more headaches when you need to visit places with your, like your friend’s house or the vet waiting room. Fancy watching videos instead? Go HERE and use the follow-along videos! Step Number One The first part to teaching any dog to do anything is to make sure that they know they are doing the right things. If a dog doesn’t know then they will keep doing the things you don’t want (i.e. your buts) or try new things! Start by teaching your dog a ‘marker word’, this is a word that your dog will learn that means a reward (a treat) is coming. Your dog’s learn that whenever the marker word is used, means they will get a reward so what happens is they start repeating things to get ‘YES’s and that’s how dog start to understand what we want.