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It’s not your fault – until it is.

Last week I spoke to yet another dog owner who was CONSUMED by what other people thought about of her dog, Things like ‘Look out of control her dog is’ ‘Does she not train her dog?!’ Her dog was about 14 months old, Pulls like a train, jumps at everyone he sees and ‘acts’ completely deaf when his owner calls him, Anyone else had this experience? She was sharing how things seem to be getting worse, It started a few weeks back when her dog ran up to another dog on lead, To this lady’s panic, she bellowed her dog to return. Nothing. She started to fear the worst, like someone dropped a brick in her stomach – she sprinted after him, BUT She was too late, The on-lead dog turned pinned her dog to ground, All the lady heard was a loud cry, she looked up and saw the other owner pulling their dog back. Her dog got to his feet and retreated to her feet. She was in shock. THEN The man of the on-lead dog came marching towards her, asking why she didn’t have her dog on lead? Telling her that this couldn’t of been WORSE.

Holding back the tears she apologised, put on her dogs lead and walked home. Sadly, I see and hear this happen daily.

Owners walking home feeling alone,

Frustrated with themselves that they SHOULD done better,

There’s something wrong with them which is why their dogs not well-behaved,

Then theres that heart sinking moment when you enter your home,

Where you watch dog curl up all cute and reflect on the reality of what’s just happened. For me, that’s a breakdown in tears and devastation.

For the lady I spoke to, she did the same.

She was scared people were going to name her as the irresponsible dog owner, who doesn’t care about others or even her own dog,