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Read if your dog has NO off-switch

If you've landed here then chances are have a crazy-relentless-zero-chill-kangaroo sort of dog? Firstly, I want to invite you to take a minute to write down where and when your dog struggles to settle.

More often than not, dogs that have no off switch often have a hard time with learning to settle and relax, which can cause them to GO GO GO 24:7.

I want to share with one of the biggest secrets behind what is really causing your dog struggling to settle…

It’s called AROUSAL.

Arousal is a change in a dog’s emotion state that gets them ready for action, which is usually in response to things that we do or what is presented in our dogs environment. For example, when a dog see’s their lead, they get excited as they recognise the lead with a walk, the excitement increases the level of arousal rate.

When a dog’s arousal level gets above it’s threshold and it can cause a crazy-relentless-zero-chill-kangaroo sort of dog, and the consequence of this causes our dogs to not listen, respond to known tricks and is incredibly frustrating as an owner.

The reason I call arousal a secret is because it’s never mentioned, and usually dogs that struggle to settle are often struggling to manage their arousal.

The thing I believe is all missing is the skill of CALM, I always used to forget that dogs are not born with the skills we want them to have and nearly everything we want our dogs to do require teaching our dogs what to do and training them how to do it.

Calm is one of those skills that require teaching, training and noticing when your dog requires a calming time out.

If we think about it, it is no different to humans, when you get stressed, what do you do? Flip a desk over? Shout? Cry on the bathroom floor (me)? Grab some wine? The point here is we have created coping mechanisms to support with calming us down after something stressful. Dogs require the same.

And here’s the exact plan on how to do it!

First step is to understand what your dog’s arousal level is and what triggers it to increase and decrease, this will give you fantastic insight to understanding why your dog does being the crazy-relentless-zero-chill-kangaroo sort of dog. Download the eBook HERE.

Next step is to start teaching calming behaviours to your dog, here are my top three:

1. The RuckSack Game

2. Stuffed Kong/Licki Mat

3. ACE Freework

I also want to invite you to client’s story who went this EXACT journey, and these three steps were the foundations to where herself and dog are now, I would love for you to check it out!

Of course, Calmness and Arousal doesn’t stop here, it’s a practice that continues to expand, and if you would love to be supported further in this discovery then come and join us in the Facebook Community Group to continue your learning, ask for support and get answers! JOIN THE GROUP

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