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Socialising Your Dog VS Creating Calm Dog Greetings

Updated: Jun 14

Recently, I’ve heard lots of questions around socialising my pup and how they need MORE time with dogs to be ‘behaved’ with other dogs,

Whilst being around other dogs Is a fantastic! It doesn’t always teach the skill of interacting calmly with other dogs,

So, I wanted to come in and share step by step what socialisation is, what it means and what creating calm interactions look like with other dogs so that you that you know where to shift your focus and training with your dog.

How To Greet Dogs Calmly

#1 What is socialisation?

Socialisation is about getting your dog familiar with things, mostly noises, people, other dog breeds, environments, and smells.

A lot of ‘socialisation’ has been aimed at puppies mingling with puppies, which is very cool but it doesn’t really socialise them to life. It can be more of a puppy party. In my experience, puppies just play so it teaches puppies that they can play whenever they see another puppy, therefore we don’t see lots of calmness as they grow up.

#2 What does it means?

As mentioned above, it means getting dog familiar and comfortable around lots of different things, not just other puppies.

This teaches puppy to grow and become bulletproof or identify things that your dog may need some training around.

A great exercise for this is to write down everything & everywhere you want to take your puppy as an adult, then write down all the things they would need to be comfortable around

i.e. Cafes –

Be comfy around: People walking past with trays, Food being given, loud coffee machine noises, the bell on the door, people laughing, babies crying, other dogs barking/whining, other dogs walking by.

Then practice with each of these your home, if you need extra support, check out my free training on teaching your dog to 'settle' this is my foundation teaching cafe and restaurant skills! Get Access to Training HERE

#3 Creating Calm Interactions with Dogs

Firstly, what do you think your dog is feeling? Are they excited to meet dogs ? or are they not sure about them?

Now this is extremely important to think about,

Nervous puppies/dogs do not need skills to meet dogs, they need confidence building to feel safe around them.

Likewise, excited puppies/dogs do not need to feel safe, they need learn skills to greet appropriately.

Which camp do you think your dog is in? Drop a comment to let me know.

Next Steps..

If creating calm interactions with others dogs is your focus then come and check out my free Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/474779396779559

I am in there LIVE each week talking into these exact steps and tactic, plus I will be adding more blogs each week talking into these behaviours - in other words, there is AWESOME things heading your way.

If socialising is your focus, let me know! Where are you wanting to build up your dogs social skills?

I might have just the guide for you ;) P.S. If you want to get straight to solution, go ahead and book your free consultation today and we can create socialisation plan for you and your puppy or dog!

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