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Whistle or Voice Command for Recall Training?

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

I hear this question a lot, and my vote is ALWAYS a whistle.

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Here’s why:

1. Whistles travel WAY further than our voice, meaning your dog spots a dog in the woods, the sound of the whistle is more likely to travel further than your voice.

2. I don’t really like shouting, I am all about making things as easy and little effort as possible haha!

3. Most dogs respond and learn the whistle faster because there is no muffle compared to using voices, my throat always crack when I try and bellow.

4. ANYONE can use it – the dog walker, groomer, neighbour, a small child and anyone that can blow a whistle, it completely universal which also makes it so much easier for the dog to understand

5. I like how cool I look with a training whistle, a bit like a referee


Don’t buy ‘Dog Training Whistles’ unless you like having to piece them together

Referee whistles are by the far the best and most reliable whistles to use for training recall with your pup, check out where I get mine from HERE

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