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How To Teach Dogs to Be Calm at Cafes,  dog trainer in Falmouth, Cornwall

Kayleigh is AMAZING! My pup Kona and I started our journey wit Kayleigh because Kona is young and sometimes struggles to calm herself down when she gets worked up. I wasnt able to o take it out or to go places like friends houses.

I approached Kayleigh not because shes a bad dog but because she needed to learn a skill i couldnt teach her as i didnt know how. 

She has gone from being constantly worked up to able to settle outside, and we continue to improve this to even more places.

Kayleigh has been out biggest cheerleader and constant source of support and encouragement. she is friendly, patient, flexible and incredibly dedicated to her clients. Our entire journey was taken virtually, and not once did I feel we were missing out. 

Having someone who was able to take the time to teach us such an important skill has been invaluable!


Catie Goins & Kona

Training aggressive dogs, how to train dogs to not bark at dogs, dog trainer in Falmouth, Cornwall

When we first spoke, Jasmines behaviour was getting to the point where i was feeling defeated and almost hopeless because we have spent so much money on other training methods, and i felt like i truly tried almost everything. We couldn't even go for a simple walk wthout her acting up with different triggers of the every day world, people , dogs, birds, people on scateboards etc. 

It was SO embarrassing to say the least and absolutely dreadful. 

Now i no longer dread walks, i actually look forward to them by continuing the training we've been implementing.

And its an EXTRA boost and bonus when we run into triggers and there are no longer is a huge issues for us to walk past! 

The changes i've seen in Jasmine since we've started working with Kayleigh is pretty dang impressive and i'm so thankful for all of your help & advice so far in our journey! 


Dog Trainer in Falmouth, with Hunter Boots and Dog Trick

Epic epic epic had fantastic result on our walk! I’ve put it on the group. 18/18 middle stats as I did middle on each road crossing and at every dog walker passing then on a mobile call that came in, which she stayed in middle through out. (Made taking the call a doddle) Happy Happy Happy xxx

Diana Middleton

So I just want to give Kayleigh a huge shout out. I joined this group when covid first broke out and it gave me a great foundation to learn how my pup learns, and how to lead him into things. My pup was deathly afraid of being in a crate and no matter what I did he would just pee uncontrollablly and shake like he was abused(he was not). I tried EVERYTHING. Everyone told me to hire a behaviorist- which was just not feasible for me. Today he just went it there layed down and relaxed. And he continued throughout the day in and out, no shaking no peeing. I honestly felt like popping champagne at 7 am this morning when it happened. But no matter what, Kayleigh's program gave me a really great foundation of learning how my dog learns and to not try and push them but encourage them in the direction you are looking for.

Kaylie Kellison

Thank you so much for all your support this week., you have changed our relationship. This is milo’s first attempt doing middle in the park. I am so proud of him. Before we learned middle I was invisible to him as soon as we walked into the park.

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Today, Pepper and I were able to master these distractions:

(Super proud Mum here, because she's always got so much energy and wants to be into anything and everything, 24/7. Loving her at this puppy stage! She's 6 months.)

1. My boyfriend walking in a circle around us. Initially Pepper thought we were both playing a game with her, bless

2. Her beloved "ball" sitting in front of her.

3. Me talking on the phone.

4. We also had our neighbours hitting golf balls against our fence (a steel fence on the other side so it's a much louder BANG noise) at the same time, which normally sets her off.

We are also having my boyfriend's best mate coming over for dinner tonight, and we're cooking a bbq so they'll be some extra distractions to train her with, plus we always do a "middle" before bed time.

Thank you SO MUCH,

Kayleigh Stangroom

, you have no idea how much this training means to me because the first few months I had Pepper, I was trying so many different methods to get a better recall and NOTHING was working!

I've also had my boyfriend do some of Pepper's training too, so he can get used to the commands and also feel more confident.

You are seriously a major game changer!!!!

Thank you again from us in Queensland, Australia!!!